((I feel whole again))

((Weird thing to hear, right? Let me explain.

Two years ago, I got hit by a car. I was riding back home from doing volunteer work, one in the afternoon, on a bright pink bike. Well, as I pass in front of a car wash, this SUV come raging out, hits me, throws me clear across the street, and then drove off. The front┬álicense┬áplate tore into my ankle, and in turn got torn off the car. The driver, to this day, swears up and down she didn’t know she hit anything.

Well, I was rushed to the hospital and needed stitches. 18 stitches to be exact. Thankfully, the injury was literally a flesh wound, meaning the skin got torn back, and it healed without needed surgery. I’m scared for life, but oh well.

Ever since that day, I haven’t danced. I haven’t been able to. I am a trained classical ballerina that can’t dance anymore. The accident took all the strength that took me 16 years to build. Not to mention it ruined my right knee that already had problems.

I was in physical therapy for 6 weeks before I went off to college. It didn’t help. I was stuck in a catch 22. Didn’t have an strength to dance, but the only way to gain my strength back was to dance.

I haven’t done ballet in 2 years.

I still carried my pointe shoes with me, along with all my ballet gear. I would do small things around my dorm, in the arch studio, just simple moves that don’t require a lot of effort. But it still killed me that I couldn’t dance properly.

And then today.

I decided ‘what the hell, I’ll strap on my shoes and hope for the best’. The best happened. I went up on pointe and I didn’t fall over. I didn’t collapse. Yeah, it hurt a little, but it was really, really good hurt.

I felt whole for the first time in two years. I can dance again, and it turned my shitty day right around. You have no idea how amazing I feel right now. To have something that I cherished for so long, something that was ripped away so violently, to finally come back to me in the best way I could ever imagine.

I’m crying right now I feel so great.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you guys.

P.S. I did fall. A lot. I lost my balance. But they were graceful falls, I’m not hurt. I’m actually glad I fell, because then I got to get right back up and try again. It’s the best feeling in the world.))

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