Doctor’s Visit

Loki was up bright and early that morning. After wiggling himself out of Tony’s arms, he got ready for the day. It was only after he was showered, dressed, and on this third cup of tea when he realized that it was an hour until the appointment and Tony wasn’t up yet.

He tried everything. Putting the coffee on, shoving Tony out of bed (which was quite the task, he was very heavy when he slept), putting a very obviously ringing cell phone next to his ear, and so on. What Loki did next, he would forever say that the reason was because any more strain on his body would hurt the baby.

Loki got a bucket, filled it with water, used his magic to make it ice cold and dumped it on Tony’s head.

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    Tony exhaled quietly and closed his eyes, content to remain where he was for the time being. “I’ll have to,” he said...
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    Loki just chuckled. How strangely romantic for Tony. He pet his head softly, running his fingers through his hair. "I’m...